• 2009- 2013 HAVO, Dollard College in Winschoten, Mare College in Leiden and Montessori Lyceum in Rotterdam
• 2015- 2019 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, BA Fine Arts Sculpture, The Hague

• 2014 Played in theater performance ‘Schwalbe zoekt Massa’ by theater collective Schwalbe
• 2015 Internship at online gallery Patty Morgan
• 2019 Made a publication of a short story ‘De zakken van het laatste hemd’
• 2019 Started a band with friends, Ambre Solaire
• 2019 Wrote BA thesis 'we komen hier niet vandaan, we zijn er wel geweest'
• 2019 Started an artist initiative with 6 other called Hgtomi Rosa

• 2018 Group show at Frank Taal gallery — Rotterdam
• 2018 ‘What To Expect When You Are Expecting’ — 3rd year KABK group show — Billytown — The Hague
• 2018 ‘A Foreign Affair’ — pre-endexam show KABK — Billytown — The Hague
• 2019 'The Handshake' — groupshow — Hgtomi Rosa, The Hague
Caroline Straver
Born in 1996
Leiden, Holland
(Born on a ship that moved slightly when a boat sailed by, in a family that consisted of my mother, father and a parakeet that escaped shortly after my birth. We quickly moved to a small village in the north on this country, where I lived on and off with my old father. We were from the beginning (and stayed until the end) the strangers from the city in a village where everybody knew each other, each others parents, each others grandparents, each others pets. I was fed up with it when I turned sixteen, but it was a long walk from there to here.)